Modulous Next is here

Modulous Next is the new version of Modulous, as you can probably see, the design looks rather different, let's get into details.

The biggest change is the fact that Modulous is not using the KerbalStuff code anymore, instead Modulous now uses a modified version of

New design

Modulous inherits the color and design from SpaceDock, everything is more organized and space is used a lot more now.

Game hubs

Each game now has it's own sub-site inside Modulous.

Speed improvements

Because Spacedock was made in a proper way instead of the clusterfuck that Modulous was the response times from the site are now very good.

Stuff like searches now gets dynamically loaded after the search page loads, this is the most optimized way.

Street Fighter

Modulous now supports Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter V

... And not much more, this new version of Modulous is mainly an improvement of quality and refinement of what used to be a extremely unoptimized site

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