One year of Modulous

Check the anniversary page if you haven't already.

Modulous turns 1 today, and what a better way to celebrate it than with a bit of history of it's development.

Trouble in Tamriel

Modulous was started as a response to a big disagreement in the skyrim community, this disagreement was between a now-dead community I was part of and Nexus and another modding community, to sum up our beliefs on what should and should not be allowed in mods where very different.

The plan was to use the KerbalStuff source code as a base, KerbalStuff was a Kerbal Space Program modding site that was born as an answer to the evil propiertary curse gaming modding site.

And thus SkyHub was born, however I killed it off fairly quickly, as I realised there was no way I could compete with Nexus.

Nothing is beyond our reach

Then I wanted to really do something to improve a community thanks to the KerbalStuff source code base, and I turned to smash, I heard KC-MM's BrawlVault was performing very badly for some years and he suggested that I make the site about smash.

At this time Modulous was simply called "SmashHub" and I was planning to be extremely aggresive with my advertising against KC-MM, however this plan was stopped.

This is the original patch I used, it also has the original pre-Smash logo on the top right.

Origin of the name

The name Modulous was suggested in the Steam chat for the pcmasterrace subreddit by a user named aceofspades.



When I introduced Modulous to some people (some of them former PMDT members) they all liked it, so I went ahead and bought hosting and a domain and thus Modulous was born.

Alex in Wonderland

I used to be a very aggresive person, and I sometimes are, this lead to some disagreements with certain modders, I would introduce concepts that where superior to old alternatives (for example, a complex search algorithm + tags as a replacement for categories) and people would not understand why I did this and would want old stuff back.

SF Modulous

SF Modulous was a short lived attempt to make a Street Fighter like modding site based on Modulous, it died because it was not integrated but was a secondary site.

Liftoff of SpaceDock

Then KerbalStuff died, SirCpwn didn't want to develop it anymore and we took over the project, because I was familiar with it I guided the new team through setting up the site and contributed some patches back.

SpaceDock and Modulous

Modulous was then ported to the SpaceDock codebase, that was much more mature and performed much more better than the original one, for example, the original KerbalStuff based version of the site would be around 9 mb in a page where many mods where seen, this is greatly reduced in SpaceDock.

This also allowed me to reintroduce Street Fighter games to the site.

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