EIREXE steps down as administrator of Modulous, with new changes to the moderation

Good morning, afternoon or night, I started Modulous as a dream project, a dream to see the Smash modding community unite under a new system, at the time only Brawl was actively modded, Modulous came late, that's for sure, but even today it's still fullfilling it's original purpose, to replace brawlvault.

The big plan was of course, not only to be a modern, open source replacement for KC-MM's own BrawlVault, but it was meant to be the BrawlVault equivalent for Smash 4, and you guys sure know that is not the case at the current time.

It's been an incredible year, in one year you have helped construct, even if indirectly, Modulous as it is today, and you have also helped me in becoming a skilled web developer to help the SpaceDock project takeoff, the project we today, owe most of the site's new features.

But not everything has been perfect up until now, Modulous had a rocky start with the Smash 4 modders, that found the site to be simply "Another attempt to cash in smash 4 mods" and I don't blame them, Modulous had a big issue in the ToS that could make one think it indeed was.

That's why, I'm stepping down as the Administrator of the site, not only for my failures, but my lack of capacity to work on the site as much as i'd like, I've been suffering from insomnia lately, and it's been a really big issue for me, my work on my own game, based on the open source comic Pepper & Carrot, it's really hard to work on both at the same time, the other reason is my personality, I'm too aggresive and anti social by nature and that alone makes me unable to run this site properly.

I would like to thank you all for the incredibly warm welcome you gave me back in the day, I would also like to thank the people that met the site with skepticisism, you guys are the reason a lonely person like me has something exciting to do during the day, even if I sometimes hate it.

As you might know, Modulous is really not that, Modulous is an Free/Libre open source site that was originally created to host politically incorrect mods as a response to Nexus' policies, and has always had the freedom of modders in mind.

My friend Aurora is going to take on the moderation of the site from tomorrow, her form of Moderation is going to consist of the following structure:

Administrator: Aurora Moderators: 2 to be determined people. Techincal advisor: Me.

I'm going to finish up the work on the Gamebanana import feature and then i'll be done, thanks again to all, have a nice day, and may all your future endeavors work out well!


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