Referendum: A new frontend for Modulous with a catch.

As many of you know Modulous is free software, if you don't what free software means(protip: does not mean it costs no money) you can go here.

Modulous was originally based on KerbalStuff, which was a KSP modding site, then KerbalStuff shut down and it was replaced by, Spacedock just like KerbalStuff was free software under the MIT license then it was split into two parts, the backend which is what actually has the database and does the processing and the frontend, which is what your browser sees.

The new frontend is a completely new rewrite, and it's not free software, it's propiertary software.

I try to emphasize on providing the most ethical solutions to the smash community, and I make a focus on respecting people's rights, however the old frontend is never going to be maintained by the SpaceDock team, and they have offered me access to the new frontend's code as long as I contribute to them, however this means that I cannot release it with my changes under a free software license, that's why i'm asking you, the people that actually use the site to chose wether or not you want me to use SpaceDock's frontend.

From what i've been told the new frontend is really evolved compared to the one Modulous is using right now, but again, I don't find it ethical to use it (as some of you may know i'm a software rights advocate and I run the Digital Alliance in Spain).

However i'm willing to make an exception if you want, because I originally envisioned this site to be democratic and ran by you, not me.

If you want to vote in this issue, you can vote here.

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