Modulous site updates for 6/9/2015: Mod Manager, Mod API, Web Protocol, Editor changes and Other Authors

Hello everyone, today I'm pleased to announce a few new changes to Modulous, the one that you are probably here for is the mod manager, but I have other small but important changes to talk about today.

The Modulous Mod Manager

Mod installation for Brawl and P:M is not precisely user-friendly and it can be hard at times, the Modulous Mod Manager aims to fix that, by providing automatic mod instalation of any kind, including BrawlEX stuff directly to your SD.

The Modulous Mod API

While installing mods with the Modulous Mod Manager, modders will be able to bundle Lua scripts with their mods, this scripts will do fancy stuff like adding BrawlEX characters to the last available slot, Hex editing files by using Microsoft's .NET framework or simply copying and overwriting files and folders, in the following days a full documentation for the API is going to be released for modders to take a look at.

The Modulous Web Protocol

Ever used steam? when using Steam you can tell the client to install a game by using their web protocol, a example of this is:


If you have tried to copy-paste that URL into your web browser's adress bar and you have steam installed you will have noticed that steam has launched and that it has asked you if you want to install Dota 2, this is exactly what the Modulous Mod Manager is going to bring to you, by using the protocol modulous://install/

If you are a mod creator and you want, you can send me a message to test this, my mail is at the bottom of this page.

Site Changes


A new editor has been added when editing a mod's description, thanks to Hsiaoming Yang for that.

Other Authors

You can now specify authors that aren't registered on the site, they will appear as plain text alongside with you and registered authors.

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