Modulous site update for 05/08/2015 Dark theme, forums and more.

Hello everyone, in the last weeks a few important changes have happened to the site, here's a sum up and then I will talk in detail:

Dark theme

One very common complaint about the site is that it was too bright, this is now fixed thanks to the ability to choose a darker theme, you can enable it in your profile settings.

Improved tagging system

The tagging system is a key part of modulous, it's based around how boorus manage themselves and allows you to create your own categories or search existing ones, the improved tagging system makes it give you better results than the ones it used to.

Visual search by game

This has been in my backlog since Day1, but I finally got to finish it, you can now search by game and character or stage, this is basically a fancy way to use the tagging system.

Open source

On the first versions of modulous, the site's code was very bad as my changes to KerbalStuff's source code weren't very good, I cleaned all up and now the source code is available in GitHub, I will be contributing any major changes I can back to KerbalStuff.


The forums

Ahh forums, aren't they an amazing thing with great internet comment etiquette?, I sure think so, now Modulous has it's own forums, where you can get help with modding and you can create threads for your releases to provide help, since this is basically a better way to interact with users, I have removed the comments section.

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