Announcing the complete rewrite of this site

Modulous has grown a lot, more than I expected, I add new features on a regular basis, and I must admit one thing: I fucked up.

Yes, I used kerbalstuff as a base for my then bad web programming skills, but that's not the big issue, KerbalStuff is made for kerbal space program, and focused on one game, KerbalStuff is PERFECT for KSP, but not so much for Smash, a series with multiple games, that's why today, i'm proud to announce i'm completely rewriting modulous myself.

Shutouts to @AuroraM for helping me plan this.

What is the rewrite going to have?, well here you go:

-Better category system

-Proper implementation of tagging

-Multiple screenshots

-Comments integrated in the site

-Multiple variations of the same mod, like in nexus

-New reporting system

-(potential) Integration with the forums, you won't need to create a new account in the forums and your normal modulous account will work,

-Multi-series support (aka the streetfighter and smash site will be one, again, sharing accounts)

-Custom theme support.

You wil be able to make your own css code and use it in the site, so you will be able to have your own, personalized theme.

-New encryption for passwords, this means the site will work in any server you throw it in, and added security, you will need to re-enter your password when you come back for the first time, but it's for the good.

-Notifications (when someone comments your mod, etc...)

-(Potential) voting system.

-Favorite system

Yes, your mods won't magically disappear, everything will be there when you come back, don't worry for that.

Again, I want to say sorry for not doing this earlier, but I hope you guys like the new site when it goes live

Oh and one last thing, I will be streaming all of this, you will be able to see me drink tons of coffee while I get into this titanic work at: You will be able to see me at around 1 AM spanish time, I might start earlier, but not later.

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