Modulous site update 05/08/2015: Categories, advanced search, NSFW mods, reporting, comments and more

Hello guys and welcome to the new version of Modulous, today we have some very requested stuff added in, let's go over them!


I realise that the tags sytem was not very succesful, so I added classic categories to the site, you cannot change category after you have created your mod, but I manually added a category to all existing mods

Advanced search

And with new stuff, comes new search tools, there's a new search section to do advanced searches, this new system might seem overkill at first, but it will allow us to add new options easily, so it's okay!


If you are into that, NSFW mods are now allowed in Modulous, but you must tick the NSFW check before you upload them, their thumbnails will not show up and will be replaced with a warning image, once you enter the mod however, it will be visible in all of it's, eh... glory.


You can now report mods that you think shouldn't be in Modulous


A native comment system has been added with full markup support, feel free to make as many puns as you want (that includes you, William)

General design improvements

I have cleaned up most junk of the site, removed all the ads and made the footer suck less.

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