An important change in the ToS of Modulous to ensure the freedom of modders.

It's recently been told to me by /u/thatsmash4modder and /u/smb123w64gb

that there was a clause in my site's ToS, mainly this one regarding the deletion of mods:

Upon deletion, all rights granted to us are revoked, excepting normal distribution rights associated with the licensing of the content and previous promotional media.

This clause is leftover from the original site Modulous comes from, SpaceDock (formerly KerbalStuff), that's why that clause was left in there unintentionally.

Upon deletion, all rights granted to us are revoked excepting images used for previous promotional media.

Please, keep in mind this clause is just for my distribution rights, depending on your license users have different rights.

The next time there's an issue like this please, let me know, I don't bite.

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