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Mew and Cube Jet Set Sonic Recolors

License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

Downloads: 988

Author: davidvkimball

Followers: 0

Jet Set Sonic Mew and Cube recolors by davidvkimball. Credit Yohan1044 and Draco_The (Banned) for fixing the Sonic PSA so it loaded correct running trails, and to the PMDT who made the model. Credit to ishmael205 for the visors glow and textures, and credit to SubZero2 for helping me with the fur materials.

These two colors work nicely if you want to enable a second set of team colors for Sonic also.

To use the correct running trail colors and Jet Set smoke, you'll need to use the FitSonic.pac file. This is for Project M 3.6-based mods only, and it only works on the last two slots for Sonic. You must rename Mew (green) Jet Set Sonic to FitSonic09.pac/.pcs and Cube (red) Jet Set Sonic to FitSonic10.pac/.pcs. However, having incorrectly-colored run trails isn't the end of the world.

Known issue: FitSonicDark.pac (Dark/Emerald Sonic) will have Jet Set Smoke also.

Part of Legacy TE and Legacy XP.

Version 1.1 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-11

Fixed the files for PM 3.6. Previous version had left over Legacy XP-specific edits.


Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-11

No changelog provided


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