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License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

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Author: davidvkimball

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Brinstarfield is a Brinstar-themed 1-for-1 reskin of, you guessed it, Battlefield! Camera, collision data, and blast zones are identical to PM 3.6 Battlefield.

Obviously the lava doesn't come up on the stage since Battlefield is a hazardless stage. The Ki-Hunters and the Metroids don't ever cross into the stage boundaries and are simply background elements. You must replace both the stage file and the module/.rel file for this stage to work over Brinstar.


  • Scout for fixing the lighting on part of the base
  • soopercool101 for helping fix the shadows and making them work
  • Edwguard Flows for a lot of the base stage elements, as well as the Ki-Hunter models and animations
  • LenSho for the Metroid animations and placement
  • Ca$ino Wolf for playtesting this stage and correcting me on some collision data stuff

To make Brinstarfield the L alt for Brinstar in PM 3.6, just rename STGDXZEBES.pac to STGDXZEBES_Z.pac, and rename st_dxzebes.rel to st_dxzebes_Z.rel, and then drag the files over onto your SD card into the stages and module folders respectively (you're replacing N64 Planet Zebes stage).

Included in Legacy TE.

Version 1.3 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-10-01

Added some titles/other information.


Version 1.2 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-23

Updated the bottom platform to be flat and the shadows.


Version 1.1 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-16

Fixed camera and stuff.


Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-16

No changelog provided


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