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Peach's Story

License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

Downloads: 995

Author: davidvkimball

Followers: 1

A tourney legal version of LlamaJuice's Peach's Castle HD stage is now playable. Peach's Story is a 1-for-1 reskin of Yoshi's Story (Melee). Randal works as normal, and as usual collisions, camera, and blast zones are identical from the PM 3.6 version of Yoshi's Story.


  • WorseDoughnut for making the stage's base so it worked better with Randal, as well as flipping the platform and other little fixes
  • Mewtwo2000 for the original Yoshi's Story (Melee) stage
  • LlamaJuice for the Peach's Castle HD stage
  • Theytah for the new Randal from his Yoshi's Fortune stage

This is one of my favorite stages so I hope you enjoy it!

Part of Legacy TE.

Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2016-09-17

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