Better Pichu Tries to make Pichu better! /mod/13/Better%20Pichu Better Pichu 0.1.1 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Up Air changed to WDSK for better combo pontential against non fast fallers

Sun, 17 May 2015 10:06:21
Better Pichu 0.1 for Kerbal Space Program Released -Initial Walk Velocity changed to 0.18 from 0.15

-Walk Maximum Velocity changed to 1.3 from 1.24

-Friction/Stop Decel changed to 0.07 from 0.1

-Dash Initial Velocity changed to 2 from 1.8

-Dash & Run Terminal Velocity changed to 1.84 from 1.72

-Jump H Initial Velocity changed to 1 from 0.8

-Jump H Maximum Velocity changed to 2 from 1.8

-Terminal Velocity changed to 1.7 from 1.9

-Air Mobility A Changed to 0.05 from 0.03

-Air Mobility B changed to 0.03 from 0.02

-Max Aerial H Velocity changed to 0.95 from 0.85

-Fast Fall Terminal Velocity changed to 2.3 from 2.5

-Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, and Dair Landing Lag lowered by 2 frames

-Most Self Damage Halved or Removed

-Forward Smash multi-hit portion changed to WDSK to prevent easier escaping at higher percents

-Up Smash hitbox comes out 2 frames earlier

-Down-Smash damage changed to 15 from 13

-Nair hitbox comes out 1 frame earlier

-Uair can be acted out of 5 frames earlier

-Dair now meteors, with a spike sweetspot that has 30 base knockback instead of 20

-Down Throw does 6 damage instead of 5

-Up Throw does 6 damage instead of 5

-Neutral B Aerial Jolt velocity changed to 1.7 from 1.5

-Neutral B Jolt lifetime changed to 125 from 100

-Side B Base Damage changed from 4 to 5

Tue, 12 May 2015 16:47:13