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[PM 3.6] Pumpkin Hill Zone

License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

Downloads: 816

Author: davidvkimball

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Pumpkin Hill Zone is a 1-for-1 reskin of Green Hill Zone from PM 3.6. It's based off of Knuckles' infamous Pumpkin Hill stage from Sonic Adventure 2, and I figured it was time to make a legal stage for it finally.

NOTE: this stage will not be a part of Legacy TE proper.


  • Yoo for uploading the original Pumpkin Hill stage on BrawlVault from which this stage borrows assets (
  • the PMDT for the original PM 3.6 stage (Magus, SOJ, Mewtwo2000)

If you want to make this stage an L alt for Green Hill Zone, just rename STGGREENHILL.pac to STGGREENHILL_Z.pac, and rename st_greenhill.rel to st_greenhill_Z.rel.

Also comes with the "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" BRSTM. It's already been named to replace the default/first song for Green Hill Zone.

Made for Legacy TE.

Version 1.1 for Project M Project M

Released on 2017-10-22

Removed accidental Pumpkin Hill-ception.


Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2017-10-22

No changelog provided


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