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Project M Default Costume Files

License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

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Author: davidvkimball

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This pack contains all of the main costumes you'd play in Project M 3.6.

It contains a combination of files that would already be on your SD card, and files on the Brawl disc.

It's intended to make it easy for users to quickly create recolors using the default costumes as a base, including the modified versions of Mario, Peach, Olimar, Samus, Zelda, Sheik, and Yoshi. Mewtwo and Roy default costumes are included as well.

Wario has two sets of vBrawl costumes, FitWario00 is Biker Wario, and FitWario06 is Classic Wario.

Note: Mr. Game and Watch is a special case, where all of his recolors are contained in one costume file. The included version is vPM's, just for reference.

Some of you may be scratching your heads why this download exists. That's OK.

Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2018-01-20

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