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Castlefield [PM 3.6]

License: MIT

Game Version: Project M

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Castlefield is a 1:1 reskin of Battlefield with a Fire Emblem theme! Depending on which slot you replace, you'll see fireballs in the background.

Stage design + misc edits by davidvkimball, custom base stage model by Dranakar, fire effects and vPM alt loading tech by DukeItOut.

The included stage .pac and .rel files work over the base slot, or most any slot. The loading method is a little unconventional. So if you want a more "traditional" alt stage for Castle Siege, you can pick the "low quality" version in the alt folder. If you want the same high quality version but over a different slot, you can use the "high quality" version. It goes over Battlefield by default. High quality version will crash if used as a Castle Siege alt becaeuse of the strict file size limit when used conventionally. Both "alt" versions do not have fire background effects.

Part of Legacy TE.

Version 1.0 for Project M Project M

Released on 2018-05-16

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