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Terms of Use

We can and will ban you from the site if you fail to follow these terms. We may also take legal action against more serious violations.

The general idea is "be responsible". Follow these basic rules:

We can remove any content whenever we feel like it for any reason at all, with or without notifying the content owner.

Privacy Policy

We have made a lot of efforts to preserve your privacy, while still giving the administration the ability to issue bans and take action against abuse. With that in mind, the only thing we keep around that you cannot opt-out of is your IP address (in addition to the account information you may voluntarily enter on the site).

Data Collection

We uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data on your use of the site, and aggregates it with the data from other users. This data includes (but is not limited to):

You are able to opt-out of this tracking by setting the Do Not Track flag on your browser.

Removing Content

You are able to delete mods you upload to this website. When you do so, all traces of your mods are deleted from the service and are unrecoverable. Upon deletion, all rights granted to us are revoked excepting images used for previous promotional media.

If you find your content on the site and you did not upload it or do not want it to be there, please email support to explain your case.