SpaceDock   Project M
  • Yarn Kirby

    by Theytah
    for Project M

    Start knitting!

  • Metal Sonic (Project M)

    by Lone_Devil
    for Project M

    NEW CHALLENGER! Full Mod (Models + PSA, etc) over Wolf or BrawlEx for Project M.

  • Stylized Character Fonts

    by codeThaumaturge
    for Project M

    HD CSS character names based on art by Micah Brightwell

  • Smash 3C Toon Zelda

    by zarx1554
    for Project M

    Toon Zelda has now been updated to match the new Smash 3 art-style!

  • Yoshi's Fortune

    by Theytah
    for Project M

    Redid the main stage model.

  • Final Destination 64 HD (WIP 1)

    by XtremeDragon
    for Project M

    Work in progress

  • S3C Brawl Marth

    by Layell
    for Project M

    Brawl Marth tips the scales! This Marth is a combination of Smash 3 Roy and Marth, and a healthy dose of all new custom textures. Completely retextured, rendered, rimlit, and ready for your smashing experience. Comes with 7 costumes in total. Check out the Smash 3C thead for more:

  • Jungle Hijinx Revisited

    by Dranakar
    for Project M

    Visual update for a lovely stage!